The Furnace Cleaning and Preservation Technicalities

So you have a furnace at home, but you are not sure how to go about cleaning, repairing and preserving it. Well, here’s a quick guide on how to do furnace cleaning, though don’t hesitate to call a professional furnace maintenance service provider in Vancouver, Toronto or in whichever city you are in.

The door

Turn off the power source and remove the door of combustion chamber. To do this, you can just simply lift it and pull it out, then take out the burner cover. You probably need screw drivers to remove it.

The flames

Examine the burner flames by flipping the switch on and turning up the thermostat to start the burners. The burners are dirty when the flame is yellow, it’s not when the flame is equally blue. If dirty, call an expert. Don’t pretend you’re an expert in furnace cleaning, particularly when you really are not sure about what you’re doing with it.

The burners

Clean the burners. Flip the switch off again and give the gas valve a quarter turn to shut it off. Vacuum the furnace base as well as the burners until you no longer see dust. While you’re still at it and to spot poor combustion, see if there are signs of soot by making use of a flashlight. Call an expert if you see something, especially rodent or insect droppings. Rats, mice and bugs may make your furnace their home whilst it is not in use during the summer months and they can clog up the burners. Proceed to vacuuming the blower compartment.

Rat in temple

How the increase in rats is causing the spread of disease and health issues to Canadian homeowners and how we can deal with the problem

Rat control – rats are some of the most common types of rodents which invade human habitats and have long been considered a pest control problem for the citizens of Canada. There are very many known species of rats, it is estimated that the population of rats in the whole world is over 5 billion at the moment. Out of all the species of rats in the world, only two are most common in homes. These are the black rat and the brown rat. The black rat is scientifically referred to as Rattus rattus while the brown one is referred to as Rattus norvegicus. These two groups of rats are collectively referred to as Old World rats. They are believed to have originated from Asia, in particular India.

Rats can be distinguished from other rodents by their medium-sized and cornicular bodies, small heads, protruding ear lobes, whiskers, and long tails. Tats are mostly omnivores. They feed on a wide diet which includes vegetables, grains, flour, meats, insects, cheese, macaroni, cooked corn kernels, and even eggs. Most rats which inhabit homes usually feed on left over foods and foods which are left uncovered or within their access. Rats also usually frequent garbage dumps in search of food, making them all the more dangerous to contact with humans and a need for rat control service provider.

In terms of lifestyle, rats prefer dark and hidden places. They have photosensitive eyes which make them stay away from brightly lit places. Most rats usually hide in dark places such as cupboards, ceilings, tunnels, and large cracks and only come out at night after the lights have been turned off. Rats are also very careful not to be noticed by humans and therefore often come out only when there is no one in the vicinity. There are however a number of rats who are bold enough to come out in the presence of human beings. Whenever they sense danger though, they are quick to disappear. Rats are very intuitive animals, making the job of a rat control expert challenging. In addition to this, they also have a sharp sense of smell and sharp hearing. For all these reasons, rats are easily able to tell looming danger and be quick to escape from it. Their ability to sense danger explains why miners sometimes introduce a pack of rats into deep mines.

Rats are able to run fast due to their streamlined bodies. They are one of the few animals which are able to run fast even in mazes. Their ability to run through mazes stems from their evolutionary history of living in underground burrows and having to run through several tunnels to reach their abodes. Rats are also good climbers, they easily scale walls. It is therefore common to find rats inhabiting lofts and rafters.

Increase of rats in Canada

Canada is one of the few countries in the world who for a long time has enjoyed a rat-free environment. Up to the 20th century, the residents of Canada weren’t familiar with rats. Alberta area of Canada was especially rat free and rats were reported there for the first time in a farm along the eastern border in 1950. Canadian officials however managed to successfully control the rats by way of rat control implementations in the next decade. The Canadian government’s decision to ban importation and possession of live of rats except by research institutions and zoos in the last 60 years has also contributed immensely to the rat-free environment Canada has enjoyed over the years.

In spite of having been rat-free for a long time, due to the rat control procedure implemented, Canada is currently grappling with the problem of rat infestation. Many areas of Canada including Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Toronto have recently experienced a spike in rat populations. Canadian media outlets such as CBC News and The Province among many others have run stories in which residents of these areas have decried the alarming state of rat infestation of their surrounding. On 17 August 2015 for example, CBC News ran a story about the infestation of St. James Park in Toronto by an army of rats. The same media house also earlier this year reported about a scourge of rats in Vancouver and Lower Mainland. Many homeowners in Canada have recently reported presence of rats on their property. The Hamilton Public Health department late last year reported a doubling in the number of calls it was getting from homeowners concerning rats infestation of their property.